Programing the box.

If you are here just to get the latest files.

Latest Bin Files

Captiveworks 700s USB Captiveworks 700s USB

Step 1: (These Files are for the CW 700s USB Recivers only I will be posting files for other recivers later.)

Each of the following links contain software critical to properly updating your receiver. DOWNLOAD ALL OF THE FOLLOWING SOFTWARE EVEN IF YOU DON'T THINK YOU WILL EVER USE IT. Each download will be a .zip archive. You will need to open this archive and extract the files to your usb stick. If you are not using Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will need software to open these archives. The 2 most common programs for this are WinZip and WinRAR.

This file is a zip archive that contains, CW700S v1.02_2007_11_24.bin. These files are for the CAPTIVE WORKS 700s USB only! Loading these files onto a Standard receiver may result in a permanently damaged and unrepairable receiver. These files will be used to help clean out the receiver as well as restore it to its factory condition in the event that you ever need to revert.

CW7000S Premium Factory Firmware

Most of the users on this site are here for this software. These updates are software updates that are supported by Captive Works. These updates allow the receivers to use DN and BEV channels. This is done through hexadecimal "Keys". The software updates make the receiver capable of using these "Keys" while usually automatically updating the key information for you. This feature is called Auto Roll. At the time of this writing, the most current software update was "CW700s v1.51.bin". From here on out, these updates will be referred to as "bin files". These files will be in order from oldest to newest. So if all you need its the new bin file just go to the bottom of the list.

03-21-09:CW700s v2.15

03-16-09:CW700s V2.16

05-2-09:CW700s V2.21

05-5-09:CW700s V2.22

05-13-09:CW700s V2.24

05-18-09:CW700s V2.25

For voice instructions on how to load new files click the play button

Step 2: Loading the box.

First you will need to plug you box in and make sure it is truned on by the switch in the back.Now once you have extracted your files to your flash drive you will need to plug it into your box. On your tv you will see a display that says "USB Ready". First you will need to do a factory default. Push the (menu, select installation, select Factory Defaul,answer no, answer yes)(Select English, Eastern standard time,-6 hours, when it ask you to scan for cannels select no) Next push the USB button on your remote(located ubove the arrow keys on the right side). The contents of you memeroy stick will appeare on the screen. Now scroll down to the Factory settings file. Press the OK button. Answer yes to update the software database. You should see a count down on the front display on the box. When it is finised it will ask you if you want to reboot. Answer "Yes". When the box comes back on push the USB button agin and load the newest bin files.Now do your settings (menu> system settings>system>channel No.>select SID, auto TP to on, and long channel names to on) (menu>system settings>osd>autoroll to on) When finished all you do now is watch tv untill they zap it agin. Then all you have to do is follow the steps to load only the new bin file.

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